Lisa & Carl Hinshaw

Lisa & Carl have been Four Seasons membersfor over 3 years. They are also a part of OSF’s HMR Weight Management program for the last 6 months. With their membership and commitment to both programs, Carl has lost 65 pounds and Lisa has lost 40 pounds!

“Four Seasons has been a great facility for pick-up basketball, pickle ball, weight lifting, swimming and fitness machines. OSF Weight Management has been great in coaching smart ways to eat better and maintain our weight loss. We really needed BOTH programs to get fit. Each program offers a discount! If you are a Four Seasons member you get 20% off the HMR program, and if you are a HMR participant you get 20% off a Four Seasons membership. The dual plan has worked wonders for us and we are in the best shape in nearly 20 years.” -Carl Hinshaw

“I like Four Seasons because they have a great pickle ball group where I can compete and socialize with friends. I enjoy Four Seasons locker room experience. It’s better than any other fitness place we have joined. I also bike, walk and swim. There are two pools, plenty of gym space and great exercise equipment. I can always find something to do. -Lisa Hinshaw

If you are ready to lose weight, participating in both programs is a great start! Both Lisa & Carl reported feeling better and having more energy. They are both healthier and all of the OSF/Four Seasons team are so proud of what they’ve accomplished in just over 6 months. Their weight loss is the result of following the HMR guidelines,  for “staying in the box”, attending weekly classes, consistently maintaining their weekly minimum prescription of meal replacements and engaging in at least 2000 calories of physical activity. The Hinshaw’s journey will continue to be successful with HMR because of the program’s structure and concept of eating healthy foods enhanced with the behavioral/education component for learning new ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about the program Call the OSF Weight Management Center at 661-5040 and register to attend a free info session offered weekly on Wednesdays at 12 pm and Thursdays at 4 pm.