Four Seasons offers traditional Shotokan Karate training, available exclusively to our members; it provides comprehensive Shotokan Karate training under the guidance of Sensei Jim Stahly, 5th degree black belt.

Classes are conducted in a safe and formal manner, stressing the courtesy and mutual respect of true traditional karate instruction. Students can expect to also learn punching, striking, kicking and blocking with no weapons of any kind, in addition to some of the Japanese vocabulary and cultural aspects associated with karate.

This program helps develop coordination, agility, and overall health, while training the student to channel mental energy in a positive manner and reducing tension caused by everyday stress.

Get Started + Class Schedule


Members must register for Karate in person at Four Seasons I. Members are able to register anytime.


Monthly payments may be made via EFT or credit card.

Youth Karate (Starts at age 6)
Class meets once per week - Monday 4:45-5:25 pm 

General Karate (Open to ages 9 and up)
Class meets Monday and Wednesday 5:30-6:50 pm, and Saturday mornings 10:15-11:15 am

General Karate students may attend any or all of these classes.

Family discount: A 10% discount is applied for each additional family member who enrolls in Karate at the same time.
MONTHLY $18 $36


The Shotokan karate program at Four Seasons is administered by the Central Illinois Shotokan Karate Association, headed by Sensei Jim Stahly. Other instructors include Elston Flowers, Allison Kroesch, and assistant instructors Tamara Bruha, Mark Will and Joe Klingler.

Our youth karate program is under the guidance of Allison Kroesch. Allison presently teaches the elementary schedule and holds a Master’s Degree in Special Education. Ed is a former school teacher as well.

For more information about enrolling, observing classes or Shotokan Karate please email Karate@4seasons-club.com.

Karate FAQ

Can anyone learn karate?

Yes. Anyone who can engage in regular physical sports can learn karate.

What are the benefits of learning karate?

There are many benefits, including self-defense and self-confidence. As a physical art, karate develops agility, endurance and coordination.

How do I achieve rank in karate? 

Tests are given every two to three months. These tests evaluate the students’ speed, timing and knowledge of karate.

How long does it take to earn a black belt?

If a student is training consistently, it usually takes from two to three years.

Is karate safe?

Very. Classes are formal and regimented, and there is a great emphasis on proper technique and body movement, so injuries are very rare.

What is “Shotokan?”

Shotokan is one of the most popular styles of traditional Japanese karate.

Do you have to be a Four Seasons member to participate in Karate at Four Seasons?

Yes. Karate at Four Seasons is offered exclusively to members - bringing an additional feature for the whole family to be involved in health and fitness in fun and exciting ways.