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Four Seasons I (FSI)

Four Seasons I provides free Childcare with family membership, family-friendly programming, recreational fun, open play and an aquatics program for our members who choose to make this their home club.

Full list of the amenities FSI has to offer:

Four Seasons I Amenities

Free Childcare with family membership

Two heated pools & baby pool (reservation required)

Remote controlled lift for easy pool access

Indoor 1/9 mile track

Gym with 17 basketball rims, full size hardwood basketball court, volleyball court & kid’s area featuring shock absorption and no-slip grip flooring (“open play” philosophy – first come first served)

Basketball & volleyball games (reservation required)

Racquetball courts (reservation required)

Party Room (reservation required)

Custom events/parties (reservation required)

Locks, lap counters & hairdryers

Dry saunas

Family bathrooms & changing rooms

Group Fitness Studio

Cardio & Strength rooms

Spacious locker rooms complete with day lockers, showers and vanity/grooming areas

Club Collection Sport Shop

Lounge area with large flat screen TVs


Four Seasons II (FSII)

Four Seasons II is an adults only location (age 15+). Childcare included in family membership. Membership at Four Seasons includes access to both locations.

FSII provides an adult only (15+) facility that includes: free Childcare with family membership, 3 Group Fitness studios, 1 Spin Studio, Personal Training, & The PIT Strength & Conditioning. We offer over 120 Group Fitness classes and 150 pieces of equipment for those members who chose to make this their home club.

Full list of the amenities FSII has to offer:

Free Childcare- 2 Childcare rooms

Over 130 pieces of cardio equipment, all featuring TVs, satellite radio options, IPOD integration and USB connectivity.

Wide variety of state-of-the-art strength equipment

SIX Group Fitness studios, including dedicated Spinning & SLX Pilates Reformer studios featuring Suspended Hardwood Floors, Mirrored Walls, Professional Sound Systems, Reebok Decks, Iron Grip Strength Equipment and Star Trac Spinning bikes with computers

Spacious locker rooms complete with day lockers, showers and vanity/grooming areas

Rental Spaces for custom events/parties (gyms, fitness studio, pool)

Locks & hairdryers

Club Collection Sport Shop

Lounge area with large flat screen TVs

Sunrise Nutrition


The PIT Strength & Conditioning (additional fee applies)

Steam rooms

Boxing area

Personal Training studio

Community Room (to reserve, read through the Community Room guidelines first)

Group Fitness classes




Enrollment Fee: $99

* No enrollment fee for Paid in Full memberships

** Your Four Seasons Family membership gives you access to both club locations, 120+ Group Fitness classes, free Childcare (with Family Memberships only), Aquatics Programs, Karate, The PIT, Personal Training, Massage/Recovery Therapy and more!

Additional fees apply for some programs.

Membership discounts are available to Military, Veterans, First Responders and Front Line Medical Workers. Please visit the front desk for details.

1 MONTH $90 $75 $60 $45/Single
12 MONTH $1080 $900 $720 $540/Single
1 MONTH $14.99 $29

VIP Perks include the following added to any of the memberships listed above:

  • unlimited guests (age 18+)
  • unlimited access to the RESET Room
  • 20% off Sport Shop items
  • monthly Discovery Session (with In-body assessment)

Current Promos

To take advantage of any of our promos, please visit us at the front desk of either club location. Special offers and discounted rates are not available when signing up online for a membership. 

Corporate Partners

As a Corporate Partner, your staff have access to special promos, onsite wellness resources, digital content, and complete health and wellness resources for your team!

If you are interested in becoming a Corporate Partner, please contact Tony Maier:



The Childcare program at Four Seasons is a place where your children, ages 6 weeks to 15 years old, are free to play in a safe, stimulating and colorful environment. Four Seasons members rest assured that their children are in good hands with reliable and capable staff. During their time in Childcare, your children will participate in age appropriate creative play, crafts and stories.

The Childcare program is only available to Four Seasons members with a family membership. Children may be in childcare up to 2 and a half hours per day and parents must remain in the building at all times. Please review all the Childcare Guidelines prior to bringing your child into Four Seasons Childcare.

Questions about childcare - contact Cara Meade:

Childcare Guidelines for Members


Childcare Hours

Four Seasons I

8:00am-12:30pm Monday-Friday

4:00pm-8:00pm Monday-Thursday

Four Seasons II

8:00am-12:30pm Monday-Friday

4:00pm-8:00pm Monday-Thursday

8:00am-12:00pm Saturday

10:00am-1:00pm Sunday

Childcare Holiday Hours

New Year’s Day: Closed

Easter: Closed

Memorial Day: Closed

Independence Day: Closed

Labor Day: Closed

Halloween: Closes at 12:00pm

Thanksgiving Eve: Closes at 12:00 pm

Thanksgiving: Closed

Black Friday: Closes at 12:00pm

Christmas Eve: Closed

Christmas Day: Closed

Day After Christmas: Closed

New Year’s Eve: Closed


Welcome to the Reset Room!

Unlimited Access:  $14.99 / month  OR  $150 / year

Reset Room Membership Required - Sign up at the Front Desk

The Reset Room at Four Seasons is a place where you can relax, recharge, and recover post workout using our available resources that work best for you! Click here to learn more.


HydroMassage Overview

  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Reduces stress
  • Improves post-workout recovery
  • Ability to personalize your massage experience: body area, pressure, speed & duration

HyperIce & Normatec Overview

  • Maximizes improvements in joint range of motion/flexibility while minimizing soreness and pain

  • Maximizes increases in treated tissue blood flow, oxygenation and metabolite clearance

  • Reduces local inflammation and oxidative stress associated with activities and / or manual techniques

  • Reduces markers of muscle breakdown potentiating a pro-healing /growth environment


HyperVolt Therapy Percussion Gun / Vyper Vibrating Foam Rollers / HyperSphere Vibrating Spheres / Venom Heat & Percussion

  • Increases circulation
  • Loosens and relaxes sore / stiff muscles
  • Accelerates warmup and recovery
  • Increases range of motion and flexibility

Normatec Compression Products:

  • Reduces muscle soreness and pain
  • Improves flexibility and range of motion
  • Improves blood flow
  • Improves muscle oxygenation
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Decreases markers of muscle breakdown
  • Flushes out metabolites post exercise / massage

Massage Therapy

We are hiring!

The Massage Therapist is responsible for treating clients by using their hands to manipulate muscles and other soft tissues of the body. Through touch and pressure, the massage therapist works to improve the client’s overall wellness by relieving pain, soothing injuries, increasing relaxation, and improving circulation.

Apply Here!

Massage room Located at Four Seasons II.


Register at the Front Desk

InBody Test – a quick, easy way to determine body composition such as percent body fat, muscle distribution, and body water balance within 98% accuracy, allowing you to track your progress over time. 


For all questions please contact Jennifer Ince


Amenities include Chair classes, Barre and Balance, Aqua Rx, Pilates Equipment Rx, Monthly Seminars, Monthly Newsletter, Bi-Annual Health Coaching Sessions, Pickleball Clinics and access to both clubs.

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