Discovery Session

Every Four Seasons member is invited to schedule a FREE Discovery Session with one of our Member Experience Specialists. Maybe Group Fitness classes are your best fit, or a swimming regimen, Pilates Equipment or weight training. Or maybe you'll do best under the direction of a trainer in Small Group Training or The PIT. In your Discovery Session, we'll help you figure it all out and will design a plan specifically for you, allowing you to take advantage of all the gym has to offer.

Your session will include:

InBody Test – a quick, easy way to determine body composition such as percent body fat, muscle distribution, and body water balance within 98% accuracy, allowing you to track your progress over time. 

Health Age Assessment – learn how your current health history affects your health age and risks for diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. See how you have control over lowering your health age and risk of disease with certain lifestyle changes. 

Functional Movement Screen – includes 3 safe and simple fundamental movement patterns that highlight areas where strength, stability and mobility can be gained. 

We will show you where you are starting on your fitness journey and how you can track your progress and reach your goals. Feel confident in your customized plan for success.  

Use your MYiClub account to sign-up: Club Location > Four Seasons II > Classes > Enroll in a Class > Health Coaching

Discovery session at Four Seasons in Bloomington, IL