Karyn’s Transformation

Hello, my name is Karyn Spelde and my family joined Four Seasons Health Club about 25 years ago. More recently, I was really feeling “down” about my weight – my overall appearance and physical limits (getting winded easily when walking, barely making it up a flight of stairs etc).  I set a goal to lose 50 lbs by the time I turned 50 – which gave me a year.  I was taking a variety of Group Fitness classes at Four Seasons Health Club (6-8 classes a week) and severely changed my eating habits. In the end,I hit my goal!

One of the Group Fitness classes Four Seasons offers is Zumba, which I fell in love with! A Four Seasons instructor at the time (and lifelong best friend of mine now, Sarah) encouraged me to become a Zumba instructor.  I got wonderful support from other Four Seasons staff, too! I did the Zumba Instructor training and got my first job as a fitness instructor at Four Seasons. I also have multiple certifications and formats that I have taught including: Spinning, BollyX Dance Fitness, Strong, Muscle Mix, Zumba Step, SLX, and Yogafit.  I even passed my personal trainer certification!

I love the variety of classes Four Seasons has to offer – no getting bored here!  They are opened long hours, which is a big plus, too.  The friendships I have made at Four Seasons is something I will always be grateful for, and I look forward to seeing everyone in class everyday.  I am realizing that for me, I have to work out as hard as I did when I had my physical transformation.  I had slowed down my regimen over the past year but am back to “mixing it up” again and getting back on track. You can reach your goals once you figure out what works for you, and that can take a while. Just be patient and persistent.

Hear her story at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVl0zF-lgQE