William’s Transformation

At his heaviest 463 lbs.
Current weight 292 lbs.

William’s weight loss really kicked into gear around 2017 after he asked himself an important question… “I never have a problem sitting at my computer or playing video games for hours at a time grinding out achievements, so why can’t I change my image of the gym?

Something clicked for William after he asked himself that question. William had decided to turn the gym into a game! He set weight loss goals at every 5 lb marker. He rewarded himself for meeting his goals with a snack, cheat meal, massage, new clothes, day with no cardio, etc. Each 25 pound milestone he hit gave him more and more enjoyment and motivation to keep going! He shared with us that now he has to force himself to leave the gym most mornings to get ready for work. Awesome job, William!

If you are struggling with weight loss try out William’s strategy of making exercise a game!