Tim’s Transformation

Meet Tim Link, Four Seasons member since November 2017

“My family and I chose to join Four Seasons because of the opportunities it would provide us to stay healthy and, for me especially, to get back in shape. The previous year (2016) leading up to us becoming members I had broken my wrist, and I really lost a lot of drive I had before to stay in shape and get stronger. In other words, I GOT FAT! Last fall I made the decision to join a gym that would provide not only myself but my family multiple fitness choices when it came to meeting our goals.

At then 230 lbs I was determined to lose weight and get back to my pre-injury form. Since November 2017 I have “leaned” up and currently sit at 210 lbs! (Which is about where I want to be) I continue to work out at Four Seasons 4-6 times a week, and I have even began doing some cardio, which is huge for me! My goals now are to become stronger and maintain a weight between 205 -210 lbs. My family definitely made the right choice in joining Four Seasons when we did!”