Staff Spotlight: Jennifer Ince, Program Coordinator

Today we are celebrating Jennifer Ince, Program Coordinator at Four Seasons Health Club! 

Jennifer has been teaching Group Fitness for almost 7 years and has been at Four Seasons for 3.5 years.  She started out as a Group Fitness Instructor and was promoted to Program Coordinator in May of 2017.  Her passion for fitness came from years of competitive running and lead her to pursue a Masters Degree in Exercise Science.  She’s always been fascinated in the science behind bio-mechanics and how that relates to exercise. Jennifer also holds a special place in her heart for working with our nation’s youth in order to prevent and end childhood obesity. She’s proud that Four Seasons has partnered with so many schools in the Bloomington-Normal community, so we can bring fun group fitness programs to their P.E. departments. Jennifer firmly believe that exercise should be enjoyable and is constantly looking for ways to bring some of our Four Seasons Group Fitness classes into the community!

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Staff Spotlight: Staci Yehl, Group Fitness Instructor

Let’s congratulate Staci Yehl on being nominated for the YWCA Women’s of Distinction award in 2018!

Staci was nominated for being the founder and owner of Blessed Birthdays, a faith driven and non-profit organization which provides birthday parties for children served through Home Sweet Home Ministries and Big Brothers Big Sisters. She was born and raised in Bloomington, graduated from Illinois State University, and is a Learning Behavior Specialist for Unit 5 School District at Northpoint Elementary. Staci believes that “Every child deserves to be celebrated!” and strives to provide dignity for families who can’t afford to give a birthday party on their own. The birthday child experiences a two-hour party that includes games,  crafts, prizes, food, and presents. The families can’t help but feel the love and support of their community during their party. Staci and her husband have two boys and in her spare time she enjoys teaching Group Fitness classes at Four Seasons Fitness Club.

Here at Four Seasons we couldn’t be happier to have such an outstanding instructor like Staci a part of our Four Seasons family. She embodies our core values and lives out our vision statement, “Transforming lives by creating a healthier community.” Staci, thank you for everything you do in our community, and well done on your nomination!  

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Sherrita’s Transformation

Meet Sherrita Fonger, loyal Four Seasons member since 2011. 

In 2010, Sherrita weighed 240 lbs. at 5’1″. As of today she’s lost 80 lbs! Since taking up swimming at Four Seasons Health Club she’s been able to strengthen her bronchial system to the point where she doesn’t need medication for her Asthma anymore!

WOW! It’s amazing what a little regular exercise can do for your body.

Sherrita’s advice to you is, “Whatever your goals are… don’t ever give up! You can do it!” 

Thanks for sharing your journey Sherrita. Your Four Seasons’ family is very proud of you!

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Oric’s Transformation

Meet loyal Four Seasons Health Club member, Oric Perry!

In 2013, at 37 years old, he weighed 440 lbs. When his son was born he wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle to ensure he would watch him grow up. He went in search of an enjoyable fitness program that fit his daily routine to shed his unwanted extra weight. He found his perfect match with Four Seasons Group Fitness classes and rock star instructors! He enjoys WERQ Dance Fitness, Piyo, and much more! He is now down 200 lbs and living life with his family! WOW! Thanks for sharing your transformation story, Oric! And, congrats on your accomplishment. You look fantastic!

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Janenne’s Transformation

“Four Season’s Health Club is the place to be to help you on your fitness journey.  I have been a member for the last 7 years and explored the many opportunities they offer to find the perfect fit for me.  I personally enjoy the water aerobics classes during the week.  They are offered at different hours to fit everyone’s schedule.  I also have joined the Fit for Life program for seniors, and it offers many informative seminars as well as a variety of classes.  Fitness is a life long goal and it is such a pleasure to be at a club that is so welcoming and friendly.  You really feel like family when you are there and your class members look out for you, too!  We laugh about this because we trade information about not only other classes but also about who to call for home repair, where to get your car fixed, and all types of services that we need.  I’ve definitely have a sense of community with other members in the club that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Exercise is so important but so is the social aspect of being part of a group.  Four Season’s offers it all from classes to social events to relaxation.” – Janenne Scott

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