Ryan Robb’s Path to Health

My history with Four Seasons goes back to my childhood where I spent countless hours utilizing the facility. When I came back to the area in 2006, with my soon-to-be wife and no longer under my parents umbrella, I naturally returned to the place I knew so well. Needless to say, I haven’t looked back. However, it hasn’t always been easy; my fitness has been somewhat of a rollercoaster. I am sure others may relate that “life happens.”

I was always athletic, even playing baseball in college, but a knee injury halted any continuation down that path.  I finished college in December 2007 at what I consider a staggering 207.6 lbs; a far cry from my athletic years where I averaged mid-180s. After looking at myself in pictures on a graduation trip, I decided it was time to get my act together. With Four Seasons at my disposal, both my wife and I began a weightloss journey and, yes, we were one of those new year’s resolution people at the beginning of 2008.  In a matter of about 4 months I had dropped 45 lbs.

I managed to keep most the weight off for years, but as the pages of life turned the weight was slowly creeping back up. In 2009 it was about 170, in 2010 it was about 180, and in 2011 when we had our first child I topped out at 192.  In 2012, with Four Seasons by my side, I got myself back in gear and lost 18 lbs which I managed to sustain until 2015 and 2016 when we had our second and third children. Regrettably, I allowed myself to reach 213.6 lbs; this was the highest weight I have ever been! Once again, it was time for a change; with 3 young children it was extremely difficult for me to find time to focus on myself.

Thankfully, with a bit of flexibility/help from my employer, I started working out over my lunch period. My lunches were typically wasted sitting in my car or browsing the internet i.e. extremely inefficient. With Four Seasons providing a convenient location to my job, and with all the amenities needed, I was able do short (20 minute) workouts every weekday and a longer (2 hours of basketball) workout on Saturdays. Within 32 weeks I was back down to 185 lbs –  a loss of 28!

I can’t thank this fitness center enough for always being there. Over my journey, I have utlized both locations, all the equipment, the pools, the hot tub, the basketball courts (my favorite), the track, childcare, group fitness classes, etc. Four Seasons really has all the tools to promote a healthy lifestyle and help cope with the changes that life can bring!