Trainer Tuesday: Meet Jim Casino!

Four Seasons Personal Trainers

At Four Seasons, your Personal Trainer isn’t just a stranger who you spend time with one or two hours a week. Our Personal Trainers are here to coach you through your fitness goals, not only are they here to assist you in improving your physical needs but to help motivate and encourage you! Our Trainers, like much of our staff here, are committed to helping you live an overall healthier lifestyle.

We take the time to pair you with someone who not only fits your schedule but who specializes in the fitness areas you hope to improve. It is even better if we can pair you with someone who has similar interests and characteristics you are looking for in a fitness coach. This series of Trainer Tuesday blogs uses a short Q&A to introduce you to a new Four Seasons Personal Trainer each week. Read about them, get to know them better, say hello in the gym, sign up for a consultation and allow them to become a coach and advocate for your healthier lifestyle!

This week’s featured Personal Trainer: Jim Casino!

Q: When did you join the Four Seasons family? IMG_2747
A: I grew up in the Bloomington/Normal community and have been a member of Four Seasons for over 25 years.

Q:How long have you been training?
A: I started personal training in April 2014.

Q: What is your favorite thing about personal training?
A: Watching clients’ confidence grow as they begin to see the results of their hard work and effort.

Q: Do you have a favorite personal training memory?
A: Telling my first client “today’s workout will eventually become your warm up routine” and then watching that happen over time!

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your Small Group Training class?
A: My small group training is a total body resistance training and cardiovascular workout designed to help clients increase strength, lose body fat and increase cardiovascular efficiency. Clients experience a variety of strength training circuits that combines lifting weights/objects, plyometrics and core work. Whether your goal outside of the class is to lift heavier weights in the gym or to lift your niece/nephew/grandchild/child without feeling pain – this class will help you.

(Open registration for this session is happening now, by the way, if you aren’t ready to commit to Personal Training but want to try something extra, contact the FS Front Desk about this session). 

Q: What is your training philosophy?
A: Being consistent with an exercise routine and nutrition plan is key to achieving results.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in the gym? (Ex. Lift weights, deadlift, run, play racquetball, swim, etc.)
A: I personally train in the PIT.  I enjoy total body strength and conditioning approach to fitness and what the PIT offers appeals to my personal improvement and fitness goals.

Q: What do you do outside of Personal Training?
A: I work at State Farm Insurance in Bloomington. My hobbies are golfing, fishing and taking family vacations.

Q: Lastly, why should anyone invest in a Personal Training package?
A: Getting started and sticking with an exercise routine is not easy. A Personal Trainer can help by designing a training program to match your individual goals and help you to stay on track.


You can read more about Four Seasons Personal Training here. Fill out our Personal Training Request today for a complimentary Personal Training consultation!