Transforming Lives Through the Years

Wow, where do I start?  As CEO & President of Four Seasons Health Club there are four things in my life that are – and have always been – extremely important to me:  Faith, Family, Four Seasons Health Club and Bloomington/Normal.  During certain times of my life these priorities have shifted, but for this blog I want to focus on the latter two.

Our Vision at Four Seasons is “Transforming Lives by Creating a Healthier Community.” I’m energized when I speak about our Vision because I have lived it for the past 47 years. Our history ranges from our beginnings as an ice skating rink and restaurant with only 15 employees and a handful of members to two multipurpose facilities with over 250 staff and 21,000 members. Due to our passionate staff and dedicated members, Four Seasons has been transforming lives in the community for over 51 years.

Four Seasons Health Club and the Bloomington/Normal community have meant a great deal to my family and me over the years.  Throughout elementary, junior high and high school (Go Ironmen!), I spent an enormous amount of time at Four Seasons learning to swim, ice skate, play basketball and weight train. Now as an adult, my own children have grown up loving the programs, activities and time spent with staff in our childcare spaces and PIT training facility.  Over the years, my wife and I have spent numerous hours participating in classes, swimming, running and playing volleyball and basketball with our three daughters.  Four Seasons gives us a place to connect and enjoy each other as a family.

Four Seasons works to transform the community by helping individuals understand the importance of exercise and being healthy.  It allows people of all ages, from all walks of life to gather together with a common goal of improving their health.  For me it’s been that and much more.  I have not only learned the importance of exercise, but I have also been part of a place where value and meaning are added to someone’s life.  Four Seasons is more than a building that houses dumbbells and treadmills; it’s a place where lives are transformed for our members and staff each and every day.

Written by, Jeff Leverton
President & CEO
Four Seasons Health Club

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Katie’s Transformation


Hi I’m Katie Thomas and I’ve worked at Four Seasons for two years. I started in childcare and now I work as group fitness instructor. I work out at Four Seasons because I want to show my children a healthy lifestyle and I want to be around as they get older.

Four Seasons allows me to meet and maintain my weight loss goals with their classes offered, weight room equipment and indoor track. I have lost in total around 100 pounds and Four Seasons makes it fun with their atmosphere and comradery! It’s very different than anywhere I’ve worked out before. No meatheads there. Just friends with like-minded goals.

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David’s Tranformation

Hi, I’m David Vale and I’ve been a member at Four Seasons Health Club for over three years. Before I was an instructor here I was a member at Four Seasons purely by word of mouth. Everybody who I asked told me to go to Four Seasons. They said it’s the best place to be and the best fitness community in terms of support and building friendships with people who will be supportive of your goals.
Throughout my fitness journey I’ve lost over 65 pounds and Four Seasons has been there along the way to help reach my goals and maintain my weight loss. By offering unique classes, like yoga, P90X and Insanity I’m able to continue my journey and keep myself accountable with my own fitness.
There are two things that keep me here at Four Seasons as a member and as an instructor/trainer. First are the supportive people and continuous feedback of the people who attend my classes. The people who attend my classes are an inspiring thing for me, and it’s the brightest part of my day being here around this community of people. The Second part is the continuous improvement Four Seasons puts into their facilities- making this the best gym for your investment and for the members.

Click this link to watch David’s Transformation video!

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Anthony & Lee’s Transformation

After hitting a weight loss plateau, we made a decision together to join Four Seasons Health Club to help maintain and/or continue losing. It’s really working for us! We now realize how much better we feel when we hit the gym. We also recognize that we’re approaching 50 and need to consider our overall heart health, so that helps our motivation too.

Four Seasons’ price is reasonable for the family, we like the 16 & over atmosphere, and it feels non-judgmental, like everyone is there to just do their own thing.

We enjoy the treadmills, elliptical, core activator, and other arm machines upstairs. I intend to take some classes in the future, but it will take me awhile to try them all since they offer 140 free group fitness classes that are included in our membership!




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Jen’s Transformation

My name is Jen Heiman and I’ve been a member at Four Seasons ever since I started working here four years ago.

I wanted to work at Four Seasons to be around a healthy environment, so I could maintain my 70-pound weight loss. It’s been easy to do, too, with lifting, running, or classes with instructor, David Vale, such as P90X and PiYo. I love the community feel in the clubs.

All my friends workout here, so it’s a very social atmosphere with lots of laughs to be had. I’m thankful to be a member at Four Seasons because the connections I’ve made there hold me accountable, healthy and overall happier with myself.

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