Janenne’s Transformation

“Four Season’s Health Club is the place to be to help you on your fitness journey.  I have been a member for the last 7 years and explored the many opportunities they offer to find the perfect fit for me.  I personally enjoy the water aerobics classes during the week.  They are offered at different hours to fit everyone’s schedule.  I also have joined the Fit for Life program for seniors, and it offers many informative seminars as well as a variety of classes.  Fitness is a life long goal and it is such a pleasure to be at a club that is so welcoming and friendly.  You really feel like family when you are there and your class members look out for you, too!  We laugh about this because we trade information about not only other classes but also about who to call for home repair, where to get your car fixed, and all types of services that we need.  I’ve definitely have a sense of community with other members in the club that I couldn’t find elsewhere. Exercise is so important but so is the social aspect of being part of a group.  Four Season’s offers it all from classes to social events to relaxation.” – Janenne Scott

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Gladys’ Transformation

Gladys Carmack is 76 years old and going strong! She has been a loyal Four Seasons member since 1968, and continues to work on being healthier each and every year. Gladys loves participating in water fitness class three times a week at Four Seasons I with her friends. She also lifts weights two days a week and walks to get her cardio in. She commented on the friendly and helpful staff and amazing senior program, Fit Together.

Let’s congratulate Gladys on meeting her goal of losing 42 pounds! She’s now retired and finally made working out a priority. She said the best thing she could have done for herself was put her workouts on the calendar like an appointment she can’t miss. That way she makes sure she gets to the gym five days a week.

Great advice, Gladys! Thanks for sharing your transformation story. Hopefully this will inspire others to not give up in their journey!

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Lisa & Carl’s Transformation

 Lisa & Carl have been Four Seasons members for over 3 years. They are also a part of OSF’s HMR Weight Management program for the last 6 months. With their membership and commitment to both programs, Carl has lost 65 pounds and Lisa has lost 40 pounds!

“Four Seasons has been a great facility for pick-up basketball, pickle ball, weight lifting, swimming and fitness machines. OSF Weight Management has been great in coaching smart ways to eat better and maintain our weight loss. We really needed BOTH programs to get fit. Each program offers a discount! If you are a Four Seasons member you get 20% off the HMR program, and if you are a HMR participant you get 20% off a Four Seasons membership. The dual plan has worked wonders for us and we are in the best shape in nearly 20 years.” -Carl Hinshaw

“I like Four Seasons because they have a great pickle ball group where I can compete and socialize with friends. I enjoy Four Seasons locker room experience. It’s better than any other fitness place we have joined. I also bike, walk and swim. There are two pools, plenty of gym space and great exercise equipment. I can always find something to do. -Lisa Hinshaw

If you are ready to lose weight, participating in both programs is a great start! Both Lisa & Carl reported feeling better and having more energy. They are both healthier and all of the OSF/Four Seasons team are so proud of what they’ve accomplished in just over 6 months. Their weight loss is the result of following the HMR guidelines,  for “staying in the box”, attending weekly classes, consistently maintaining their weekly minimum prescription of meal replacements and engaging in at least 2000 calories of physical activity. The Hinshaw’s journey will continue to be successful with HMR because of the program’s structure and concept of eating healthy foods enhanced with the behavioral/education component for learning new ways to maintain a healthier lifestyle. To learn more about the program Call the OSF Weight Management Center at 661-5040 and register to attend a free info session offered weekly on Wednesdays at 12 pm and Thursdays at 4 pm.

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Tim’s Transformation

Meet Tim Link, Four Seasons member since November 2017

“My family and I chose to join Four Seasons because of the opportunities it would provide us to stay healthy and, for me especially, to get back in shape. The previous year (2016) leading up to us becoming members I had broken my wrist, and I really lost a lot of drive I had before to stay in shape and get stronger. In other words, I GOT FAT! Last fall I made the decision to join a gym that would provide not only myself but my family multiple fitness choices when it came to meeting our goals.

At then 230 lbs I was determined to lose weight and get back to my pre-injury form. Since November 2017 I have “leaned” up and currently sit at 210 lbs! (Which is about where I want to be) I continue to work out at Four Seasons 4-6 times a week, and I have even began doing some cardio, which is huge for me! My goals now are to become stronger and maintain a weight between 205 -210 lbs. My family definitely made the right choice in joining Four Seasons when we did!”



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March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

Submitted by an anonymous patient & Digestive Disease Consultants


I bet taking care of your colon is the last thing on your mind. I know that was true for me. So many of us are caught up with the hustle and bustle of life whether it’s work, school, home maintenance, family, exercise, or simply making dinner and doing the laundry. It seems like there is always more and more to do with less time to do it. And for me, there was always an excuse!

Colon Cancer is a silent killer.  It is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in American men and women. Don’t wait until you have symptoms!  If you are 50 or over, take the time to schedule your screening colonoscopy. Just do it! Check with your insurance provider – screening colonoscopy could be covered at no charge.

The prep at home prior to my colonoscopy was really not as bad as I imagined (see below for some tips). Once I got to the doctor’s office for the procedure, it was easy. My physician and staff were so kind, professional, and I was comfortable throughout! Much to my surprise I found out I had colon polyps. Left there to grow, they may have turned into colon cancer. I didn’t have pain, bleeding, or change in bowel habits. There was really no way of knowing – I felt just fine.

My doctor talked to me right after the procedure about my polyps and how they were removed. Now the polyps are gone and better yet, my doctor helps me keep track of my next check up. Since ongoing surveillance is so important, my doctor’s office will notify me of my next colonoscopy so I can get back to my busy life. And next time, I will NOT put it off!

Pick up that phone and make the appointment. The people who love you will be happy you did!

Easing your Colonoscopy Prep

I know this process isn’t fun. But it’s super important, and there a few things to make it a little easier:

  • Follow your doctor’s instructions: Take notes and ask questions if you don’t understand something.
  • Arrange your schedule: You’ll want to be home – near your bathroom – at prep time. If you have children, perhaps find help while you’re “occupied.”
  • Consider cutting back on fiber a couple days before: Fiber is the indigestible part of plant foods and may leave residue in the colon. Fiber food examples:
      • Beans
      • Nuts and seeds
      • Raw fruits and vegetables
      • Whole grains
  • Maintain a liquid diet: Water only can get boring. Have a few other options on hand.
      • Clear warm broth
      • Plain coffee, tea, ginger ale, apple or white grape juice
      • Italian ice
      • Jell-O (no red or purple)
      • Popsicles
      • Gatorade or Propel if diabetic
  • Drink your prep: Some of these solutions don’t taste great, but as mentioned, it’s the most important part of the prep process!
      • If allowed by your physician  –  add flavoring such as Crystal Light if the prep isn’t flavored
      • If allowed  –  drink it cold. Mix it ahead of time (earlier in the day) and place in the refrigerator, unless instructed otherwise by your physician
      • Use a straw
      • Suck on a lemon or hard candy afterward
      • Continue to drink plenty of clear liquids to flush your colon
  • Get Ready: Once the prep solution starts working, be near a bathroom.
      • Wear comfortable clothing
      • Have soft toilet paper
      • Use skin-soothing products such as A&D ointment, wipes, or Vaseline
      • Keep entertainment items handy like books, a laptop or a tablet
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