Have you thought about enrolling your kids in Karate?

Many parents find it challenging to keep their kids active while school is out.  If not directed away from the television, video games, and their ever-present smartphones, children can develop unhealthy physical and mental behaviors that can quickly become habits.  Last December, I answered common questions about Four Seasons’ karate program in general, but summertime provides an opportunity to review some of karate’s benefits specifically for children.

  1. There is no “Karate Season” – Most athletic activities are “seasonal.” Putting your children in baseball, football, or soccer keeps them busy for a few months, but then you’re left looking for another activity when the season is over.  Karate has no “season” – you can practice karate all year, regardless of weather, without having to change your schedule every few months.

No one is “picked last” – Most team sports suffer from the same “bench warmer” paradox. If the coach plays to win by fielding the best players, the “bench warmers” never get the experience they need to become the best players. But, if the coach plays everyone, those same “bench warmers” feel responsible when performance suffers.  In karate, there is no “bench.”  Everyone practices together but is judged  No one’s performance (good or bad) affects anyone else’s results.

Karate doesn’t care about your gender – Like it or not, most sports continue to be gender-specific – football is “for boys” and volleyball is “for girls”, but karate is for everyone. Ironically, even parents who balk at putting their daughters in karate feel better knowing they’re equipped to defend themselves.

Karate doesn’t stop after graduation – Taking football as an example, many children play summer league football and a few may continue to play in high school, but that’s it. Only a handful will continue playing in college and adult football leagues are the exception to the rule.  By contrast, it’s not uncommon to continue practicing karate throughout one’s adult years.

Karate can be a “together” activity – You can’t join your child’s soccer team, but we have several parents who practice karate with their children. It can be intimidating for a child to begin a “together” activity with a parent who is already good at it, but karate provides an opportunity for an equal playing field – you’re both beginners.

Karate teaches courtesy, discipline, humility, and patience – Karate isn’t just about learning to punch, kick, and block. Students learn that they can be upset, but they must still be courteous.  They learn that “rules” are there for everyone’s benefit and must be obeyed even if it’s inconvenient.  They also learn that nothing worth having comes immediately, or without effort.

If you’re interested in having your child join karate (or in joining yourself), feel free to stop by and observe class, or participate in a free demo class.  If you like what you see, we’d be happy to have you.  Children aged 6-8 practice on Monday or Wednesday night from 4:45 – 5:25 pm.  All students aged 9+ practice Monday and Wednesday from 5:30 – 6:50 pm, and on Saturday mornings from 10:15 to 11:15.  All classes are held in the fitness studio at Four Seasons 1.  If you have any questions, any of our instructors will be happy to assist you, or you can contact us at karate@4seasons-club.com. Parents and children aged 9+ may practice together.

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BloNo College Students Membership Options!

Blono college students: you asked and Four Seasons answered… Check out our new membership options for students! Four Seasons now has multiple options for our college students, regardless of your fitness style.

Are you the kind that likes to kill it in cardio, go beast mode in the weight room, Zen-out in yoga class, or sweat out some -ahem- “toxins” in the sauna?  Great news, Four Seasons now offers active students a month to month membership that includes all of this and more for only $30 a month! The better part; there are NO enrollment fees, NO contracts, and complete flexibility for that back and forth lifestyle in-between semesters.  With a Four Seasons membership, you can enjoy:

  • Unlimited access to both Four Seasons Locations
  • Access to over 140 group fitness classes a week
  • State of the art strength training areas for any level
  • Over 130 pieces of cardio equipment, all featuring TVs, satellite radio options, IPOD integration
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Locker room amenities such as a dry sauna, eucalyptus steam room, showers & towel service
  • Indoor track
  • Indoor sports including; basketball, volley ball, and racquetball

We could list all the amenities, but we know you’re busy, and there’s a lot more! Stop in for a tour at either location and see if you’re eligible for our complimentary 7-day trial or get ahold of us for more information!

Love to Lift? For those who love to lift, check out The PIT, where you can find the absolute best in strength and conditioning training.  Whether you’re looking to increase muscle mass, lose weight, or train as a college athlete, you’ll get results in The PIT.  The PIT now offers a Summer College PIT Pass for students looking to lift and stay fit during the summer.  The pass is only $150 for the summer and includes unlimited access to The PIT during open gym hours, AND a Free Four Seasons Membership.  Interested in training only the PIT?  Then check out their ongoing athletic and adult performance training programs.  See what The PIT is all about here, or set yourself up with a demo session.

For more information about any of our student membership offers, stop in or call us at 309/663.2022




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Teachers Small Group Training Special for the Summer!

Teachers, school’s out for the summer and it’s time for YOU! Whether you’re new to exercise or a regular gym-goer that just needs more guidance and motivation, Small Group Training (SGT) can help you get your body back into shape and help you reach your goals!

This summer Four Seasons is offering unlimited SGT for only $99/month (regular rate $130/month)!


5 Reasons Why You Should Try SGT:

1. You’ll never get bored with your workouts! The SGT schedule offers multiple classes each week with several different trainers leading the sessions. This means you have not only have opportunity to experience a variety of training styles and exercises, but can also attend classes that fit your busy schedule.

2. Camaraderie! Let’s face it, exercising alone can get boring and tedious at times. Most people find that working out is more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by like-minded people that will support and motivate you through the workouts. SGT classes can offer exercises and challenges to your workout regimen that require teamwork and make the workouts more fun!

3. Adherence & Accountability. In SGT you’re not only accountable to your trainer, but also the other members of the group. As you build relationships with the other group members, they’ll be the first to ask why you missed the last class and be sure to let you know that they missed your inspiration while you were gone. As a result, the added accountability within the groups will help you adhere to consistent a workout schedule.

4. More Results. Most find that they will push themselves harder in a group setting rather than on their own. Whether it’s your competitive nature or the chant of the other members pushing you, you’ll find that you will achieve your goals much quicker in a group setting than you would on your own.

5. Cost-Effective. SGT offers the experience of having a personal trainer at a fraction of the price!  The unlimited SGT means that you can attend as many classes as you want each week and still only pay $99/month. If you are a teacher, this summer special is a deal that you just can’t beat!

 Stop at the Front Desk at FSII and register for SGT today! Click here to learn more about Small Group Training!

By: Sabrina Wallrich, Personal Trainer at Four Seasons Health Club

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School’s out, but do parents really get a “SUMMER BREAK?”

What would be your answer to this question?  Looking back at when my three sons when they were in elementary school, I had a hard time looking forward to the summer.  It meant I had them full-time, every minute, of every day.  My husband would laugh as he walked out the door to go to work each morning. I would hear him mumble, “I get to go to work!” Did I really get a summer break?  It sure felt like summer with the heat, but I was a taxi driver to this camp, this sport, this friend’s house, this swimming pool, etc…  When was I going to get MY break? The below article has some great tips on how summer break can be a vacation for parents too.  I really like the MAKE AN APPOINTMENT TO RELAX tip!

Did you know you can make an appointment to relax every day at Four Seasons Health Club Maybe you feel it’s not relaxing to work out, but did you know that you can at least get some quiet time here at the club?  Our Childcare rooms are waiting for your children!  Both facility Childcare rooms are open Monday through Saturday 8-1pm, Monday through Thursday 4-8 and at Four Seasons 2 only, Friday 4-7 and Sunday 10-1pm.  While you relax at the juice bar, take a swim or a Group Fitness class, walk the track or get on the treadmill, rest assured your kids are having a blast in our Childcare rooms!  We play games, create craft masterpieces, read books, sing songs, etc…

Next time you find yourself needing a break, come on in to Four Seasons!  Drop off the kids in Childcare and RELAX! We hope to see you soon, Carrie DeFields, Childcare Coordinator.

Article for great tips on how summer break can be a vacation for parents, too! http://ow.ly/AjiN30cqOIW

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