Cardio + Strength

Killer Bs uniquely blends Boxing with Barre – think Ballerina meets Fight Club. Each class is uniquely blended to create a total body work out! Click here to watch Killer Bs video!

This class is all about Strength Training. You will experience a workout that trains every major muscle group in the entire body, using a variety of equipment and exercises so that you’ll never get bored. Click here to watch Muscle Mix video!

This results-focused choreographed barbell strength work out will have you lifting to the beat in a motivating, challenging & fun way. Be sure to check out both of our 30 and 60-minute class options!Click here to watch Stronger video!

More Classes

Body Blast: Come perform bursts of cardio in between strength sets in this energizing total body work out.

Step Fusion: Challenge your cardiovascular system, muscular system, AND mind as you step your way through fun choreography and strength intervals.

Strength & Stretch: Treat your muscles to a strength and flexibility work out all in one!

Strong 4 Life: A great way to get started or to discover new ways to be challenged with strength training. The exercises focus on building total body strength with an emphasis on improving balance, stability, and flexibility.