Pit Together

Pit Together

PIT Together Program

Pit Together is designed for participants age 65 and older.
This specialized class meets Tuesday • 9:30am  &  Thursday • 9:45am • The PIT

Our Goal
To help you move like you were designed to move. All so you can train safely, intensely, and effectively—for the best results of your life.

Our Commitment
The PIT offers the best functional training programs available to help you reach your fitness potential. We focus on functional and progressive movement that challenges the body and allows for adaptations without risk of injury.

Our Program
The THRIVE program in The PIT is 100 percent personalized for any age, fitness level, or goal and designed to bring out the best in every body, to help you move better, feel better, and look better.

Our Gym
When you walk into The PIT you won’t see many machines. We don’t rely on machines to make sure you’re training correctly. Our coaches do that. We don’t ignore you. We train you.

Rate Per Month

$32/month for 1 session per week • $64/month for 2 sessions per week

For more information contact: Jesse Hawkins, PIT Manager
at: jesse@thepitbloomington or call 309.661.8611 ext 224.

Jill Usiak, Fit Together/Senior Program Specialist
jill@4seasons-club.com 309.661.8611 ext 259