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Jim CasinoJim incorporates a combination of strength & endurance exercises to help clients reach their fitness goals! He enjoys working with individuals of all ages. His specialties are: general conditioning, strength training & small group fitness classes. ACE certified.

Aaron PattersonAaron has worked around athletes his entire career. He is inspired by his own 75-pound transformation and a passion for helping others. His specialties are: sports performance, strength training, endurance/race training, high intensity interval training, & general fitness. Certified NSCA-CPT.

David ValeDavid is a passionate fitness professional that seeks to empower clients to achieve their goals! David’s specialties are: total body strength, high intensity interval training, strength, cardio & flexibility. ACE Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, TRX Certified, Insanity, PiYo and P90X.

Lauren FosterLauren is a life-long fitness lover and wants to share her passion with others. Lauren combines her unique background in psychology and physical fitness to create a complete wellness experience unlike any other which is guaranteed to lead to a healthier, happier version of you; physically, mentally and emotionally! ACE certified.

Steve KeistWith over 35 years of fitness experience, Steve’s philosophy is to push hard, have fun & give your workout your all. With Steve you will improve mentally & physically. Steve’s specialties are: core strength, kickboxing, & fat loss workouts. AFAA certified.

Alex NigroAlex’s philosophy is strength is not just the weight on the bar but the feeling of confidence in one’s self. He has a background in strength sports and physique improvements, competing in both tested power lifting and bodybuilding. His specialties are: body re-composition, power lifting & bodybuilding, sports performance, & developing a healthy lifestyle. NSCF-CPT certified.

Sabrina WallrichSabrina is not only a trainer for her clients, but also an educator and motivator. She has background in collegiate sports performance, muscle gain and fat loss, adult fitness, & is competitive in natural bodybuilding. Her specialties are: general health & fitness, weight loss, bodybuilding, & sports performance. NSCA Certified Personal Trainer.

Alex LugarAlex is a new mom and a lover of all things fitness. As a personal trainer, Alex’s main goal is to make each client feel special with personalized fitness programming to not only help them improve their physical fitness but help them find their drive and passion to keep pursuing their fitness goals every day. Certification: ACSM CPT.

Matthew WelkerMatthew believes in results driven training with no fads or gimmicks. He wants all his clients to look better, feel better, move better, and perform better. Matthew has worked with clients ranging from adolescents, general population, members of every military branch, and professional athletes. Certifications: CPPS & NASM PES

Ashlyn MayAshlyn believes exercise is something that should be fun and empowering. She knows everyone is unique and will be treat you as such to give you a fitness journey you can find pride and achievement in. Specialties: Youth strength & conditioning, track & field. Certifications: ACSM, Parisi Speed School Coach

Kristi TryonKristi is dedicated to ensuring every client meets their health and wellness goals. Having experience working with populations ranging from youth athletes to medically complex adults, she can help you reach your goals in a safe and effective way. Certifications: CSCS, BS in Exercise Science.

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