SLX Pilates Equipment

What is SLX Pilates Equipment?

SLX Pilates Equipment is a challenging, yet feel-good fitness experience that utilizes Pilates Reformer machines to create a unique workout that allows you to Strengthen and Lengthen your entire body! You will eXcel as you increase your core strength, improve your flexibility and enhance your posture. SLX Pilates Equipment is available to participants 16 years or older at FSII. We have Allegro Reformers, complete with the “Tower of Power,” as well as Pilates Combo chairs and arcs.

Private & Semi-Private Training

Private and Semi-Private sessions/packages are also available! Work by yourself or with a friend for a more personalized, one-on-one experience. Instructors create an individualized workout based on your fitness goals. You’ll plan your sessions directly with the SLX Trainer for your scheduling convenience. Visit the front desk at FSII for information and to register.

SLX Group Training Sessions

SLX Group Training Sessions are scheduled weekly. You can view the schedule, purchase classes and schedule yourself in a class online or on the mobile app by logging onto

Packages are offered:
3+/week limitless

Inquire about pricing at the front desk for private and semi-private and group training rates.