Congratulations to Jeff Leverton on 2015 Shoop Shift Award

You may know Jeff Leverton, the CEO of Four Seasons. Jeff is unlike other business leaders because when we say “you may know him” we don’t mean that you’ve seen his face, or you have heard about him in the paper, one of Jeff’s unique qualities as a leader is that he takes time to know Four Seasons members and employees on a both a business and personal level.

As a leader, Jeff cares about people over profit. For this reason, among others, Jeff was announced the winner of the 3rd Annual Shoop Shift Award for Culture.

“When leaders focus on the people on their team as individuals, the whole team succeeds. This annual award recognizes leaders that are making a difference in their organization through exemplary people skills.” – Emilie Shoop

Jeff recognizes that we are a team of very individual spirits and we come together and work well because of the atmosphere he has created. We are a team proud of our culture and leader, congratulations Jeff!


“I’ve been impressed by how much he knows about his staff; my favorite meeting with him was when he put a slide together with words that described each person in the room instead of their names. He was right on with every one of them.” – Deanna Ford, Juice Bar Coordinator


“Jeff is the ‘King’ of creating connections.  His ties to the community are truly impressive and he brings those partnerships and relationships to Four Seasons to better the organization.” – Brandi Kimball, VPO


“Jeff is as genuine as it gets. He’s our belief and the center of our culture. He inspires you to want to do great things and to be happy while doing them!” – Monica Wilks, Human Resources Manager



“Jeff is one who has the vision, dedication and drive to achieve great things for Four Seasons Health Club.  He inspires the power and energy to get it done.” – Samantha Fleming, Aquatics Manager