Trainer Tuesday: Meet Nick Nundahl

Four Seasons Personal Trainers

At Four Seasons, your Personal Trainer isn’t just a stranger who you spend time with one or two hours a week. Our Personal Trainers are here to coach you through your fitness goals, not only are they here to assist you in improving your physical needs but to help motivate and encourage you! Our Trainers, like much of our staff here, are committed to helping you live an overall healthier lifestyle.

We take the time to pair you with someone who not only fits your schedule but who specializes in the fitness areas you hope to improve. It is even better if we can pair you with someone who has similar interests and characteristics you are looking for in a fitness coach. This series of Trainer Tuesday blogs uses a short Q&A to introduce you to a new Four Seasons Personal Trainer each week. Read about them, get to know them better, say hello in the gym, sign up for a consultation and allow them to become a coach and advocate for your healthier lifestyle!

This week’s featured Personal Trainer: Nick Nundahl!

Q: When did you join the Four Seasons family?IMG_3508

A: I joined Four Seasons in September of 2013.

Q: How long have you been training?

A: I have been training since June of 2012.

Q: What is your favorite thing about personal training?

A: My favorite thing about Personal Training is definitely the people. It is great to get to know your clients and see them improve over the course of the time that you train them.

Q: Do you have a favorite personal training memory?

A: My favorite personal training memory was helping a client that was overweight lose about 30 pounds and relieve a lot of his knee pain that he had been dealing with for over a decade.

Q: Do you have any other classes or sessions? (Small Group Training, Pilates Reformer, PIT, etc.) Can you tell us about those other sessions?

A: I also work in the PIT. I love working in the PIT because of its lively atmosphere and great programming. The PIT is a group training session that starts off with a universal warm-up, transitions into plyometric training to develop power and athleticism, leads into strength training and finishes with a conditioning period to elevate your heart rate and help burn fat.  If you haven’t done so already I would highly recommend coming in and trying a complementary session with one of our certified Strength and Conditioning coaches.

Q: What is your training philosophy?

A: My training philosophy is what many consider functional training. Within this philosophy trainers believe that you should train things that you actually do in the real world such as pushing, pulling, lunging, and squatting. One of the things that made sense to me the most while developing my own philosophy was that in our daily lives, as we move, we rarely do things on both of our legs at the same time. We walk on one leg, we usually jump off of one leg, we go up stairs one leg at a time. One thing that this philosophy takes into account is that it is important to work out one side of the body independent of the other, such as mixing in lunging variations along with the traditional squat on two legs.

Q: What is your favorite thing to do in the gym? (Ex. Lift weights, deadlift, run, play racquetball, swim, etc.)

A: My two favorite things to do at Four Seasons are lifting weights and playing basketball.

Q: What do you do outside of Personal Training?

A: I am an avid sports fan. I love going to watch my beloved Fighting Illini down in Champaign, I spend my Sundays watching football, and I try to get out and play golf or basketball as much as I can.

Q: Lastly, why should anyone purchase a Personal Training package?

A: Simple. It could change your life. If you are serious about making a lifestyle change, that is, you are ready to come in and work with a trainer a couple times a week, workout on your own on days that you are not, and making the dietary changes necessary, then this could change your life. It is either keep yourself healthy now, either on your own or with a personal training package, or suffer the tremendous cost of poor health as you pay the high expenses associated with hospital stays.

You can read more about Four Seasons Personal Training and about our trainers here. Fill out our Personal Training Request today for a complimentary Personal Training consultation!