Members Share Weight Loss Journey

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What an Inspiration

Recently we at Four Seasons were made aware of some amazing member testimonials. The following weight loss journey is an inspiration to us all! Melissa Marx, Kris Walker and Eric McMurray are all Four Seasons members that decided to make a change.

“In July of 2012 I decided I wanted to run my first 5k. Since I have been a member on and off since my childhood I chose Four Seasons as the place I wanted to train. I completed the my first 5k in September and loved it so much I got addicted. Since my lifestyle change was noticeable to all my friends they started getting involved. Eric McMurray and Kris Walker and their families decided to join Four Seasons as well to start running and training with me. We spend most of our training time at Four Seasons, encouraging and challenging each other. Since Oct 2012 Eric has lost 75 lbs., Kris Walker has lost 60lbs,  and I have lost 53lbs. We love the Four Seasons environment and recommend it to all. Not only is it family friendly which no other gym in this town is but, the staff and members are so supportive. We know Four Seasons has had a lot to do with all of our transformations so thank you!”- Melissa Marx, Four Seasons member since 1990.

When asked what the key to success is Eric McMurray said “Do not give up, find a friend to join you to stay motivated and hold each other accountable.  The biggest gain was new self confidence and friendships.”

“Take your time, don’t expect too much too soon. Do not neglect your rest days but establish a good routine” suggested Kris. “Our whole lives changed- family life and our relationships. Our kids are inspired and motivated.”

Their journeys are remarkable and a true inspiration. They continue to run virtual 5ks a the club as well as participate in the 7 Week Challenge and Miller Park Zoo 5k sponsored by Four Seasons.

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