How to Earn Points

Earn points simply by checking into the clubs! Be sure to sign up through the Perkville link above to create your account.  Then simply use your membership and earn points!

Track your points thru Perkville link online our on our mobile app. You will also receive emails as you earn points.

View and Redeem prizes at the front desk.

How to post on Facebook and Twitter

From the Mobile App, click on the pig icon in the top right corner. If you are linked to your Facebook and Twitter, it will show you the screen to post. If you are not linked to your social channels, it will direct you to your settings to link your profiles. From the Website, the homepage will show you four boxes. The top left box will either prompt you to post to your Facebook or Twitter for points OR it will prompt you to return to your settings and link your social accounts.

Note that with Facebook and Twitter points, you can only post one time per each check-in. If your social accounts are connected but not eligible, it means you have used the amount of posts available until you check-in again.