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Corporate Sponsors

Four Seasons has over 100 corporate sponsors in McLean County and the surrounding areas. Corporate Sponsor companies pay an annual fee to Four Seasons Health Club that allows employees the benefit of joining at a discounted corporate rate.

  • If you see your company listed below in BLUE please see your Human Resource Representative for enrollment forms. Each company in this category determines their own policy/deadlines for enrollments to be processed. All membership forms must be turned in to your company’s Human Resources or activities office, not directly to Four Seasons.
  • If your company is listed here in RED, you must complete enrollment and payment forms at Four Seasons. Please bring your employee internal badge and a photo ID at the time of enrollment to verify employment.
  • Please contact your human resources or payroll department to determine your eligibility for a corporate membership.

Don’t see your company listed? For information on becoming a Corporate Sponsor of Four Seasons Association, contact our Business Development Coordinator Melody Tria at today!

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