Four Seasons I • (309) 663-2022 | Four Seasons II • (309) 661-8611

Meet the Staff

Management Team

Name Position Phone Email
Bernardi, Michelle Aquatics Manager 309.663.2022 x123
Hawkins, Jesse PIT Manager 309.661-8611 x224
Heiman, Jennifer Member Relations Manager 309.663.2022 x124
Kimball, Brandi Program Manager 309.661.8611 x226
Leverton, Jeff Chief Executive Officer 309.661.8611 x227
MacLeod, Lacey Vice President of Support Services 309.661.8611 x150
Newman, Cassandra Marketing & Business Development Manager 309.663.2022 x133
Porter, Catherine Vice President of Operations 309.661-8611 x235
Reaska, Ron Building & Grounds Manager 309.661.8611 x230
Wilks, Monica HR Manager 309.661.8611 x232

Support Staff

Name Position Phone Email
Ford, Deanna Juice Bar Coordinator 309.661.8611 x255
Hartter, Carl Martial Arts Coordinator
Hodina, Alison HR Specialist 309.661.8611 x222
Johnston, Kris Office Coordinator 309.661.8611 x231
King Ochs, Deb Communications Specialist 309.663.2022 x121
White, Shayna Childcare Coordinator 309.661.8611 x239
Tria, Melody Business Development Coordinator 309.663.2022 x132

Personal Trainers

Name Position Phone Email
Adams, Liz Personal Trainer 309.527.2675
Casino, Jim Personal Trainer 309.661.8611
Dulski, Jessica Personal Trainer 309.661.8611
Hobler, Hilary Personal Trainer 309.825.2405
Kaiser, Kelsey Personal Trainer 309.661.8611
Keist, Steve Personal Trainer 309.846.0350
Michaels, Kathy Personal Trainer 815.347.4482
Wagner, Donna Personal Trainer 309.825.7744
Wakeman, Dan Personal Trainer 309.661.8611

Dietitian/Nutrition Counseling

Name Position Phone Email
Whitted, Brienne Registered Dietitian 309.661.8611
Schumacher, Julie Registered Dietitian 309.661.8611

Reformer Trainers

Name Position Phone Email
Carter, Carol Pilates Reformer Trainer 309.661.8611
Hurst, Shannon Pilates Reformer Trainer 309.661.8611
Lang, Anne Pilates Reformer Trainer 309.661.8611
Marsh, Shelly Pilates Reformer Trainer 309.661-8611
Wagner, Donna Pilates Reformer Trainer 309.661.8611

Board of Directors

Name Position
Adams, Sharon Advocate BroMenn
Bottrell, Jackie AFNI, Inc.
Fitzgerald, Kevin McLean County / Board President
Gatto, Sheri State Farm Insurance
Horvath, Larry Heartland Bank / Board Vice President
Rich, Lisa Country Financial
Szabo, John District 87 Schools / Board Secretary, Treasurer
Troemel, Greg Town of Normal